Connie Ridgway  Healer   Washington, DC
Information for New and Prospective Clients

I am a  body/energy medicine therapist with over 25 years of experience in movementhelping clients achieve wellness and healing from anxiety,  trauma and pain. I enjoy working with clients who are spiritual, who seek personal growth, and who want help with body-oriented issues. I work in Northwest Washington DC near Tenleytown.

Please call me at 202-966-8230 to inquire about our working together.  I am an effective therapist who you can help you go to the root of your problem and heal it from the inside out.  I can work with you in several stages of your life:

–In crisis, including serious illness

–In recovery, including 12-step recovery and chronic pain recovery

–Working toward goals, or more optimum health

–Self-learning for greater life satisfaction, spiritual growth or body/mind/spirit integration

If you want to  take the next step and book a session, please call me at 202-966-8230 to set up a free 10-minute consultation to see how we might work together.

Here is how one person described his work with me in body/mind awareness and healing:  “I felt it was easy to trust you as a guide in a process… I was really in the moment…I was able to notice how each experience affected my body.”

The capacity to heal resides deeply within us.  My goal is to encourage each person to take a creative healing journey–one that cultivates intuition, awakens self-discovery, and brings the mind, body and spirit full circle.

My fees:

$160 per 60 minute hour

Additional 15-min increments: $40


Energy medicine is insurance reimbursable for auto-related injuries and possibly if you get a doctor’s referral.  Otherwise, it is an out-of-pocket expense that may be included in medical flex spending reimbursement or tax deductions–please consult your tax specialist to verify.

Many people choose alternative medical services for their effectiveness and to maintain privacy that insurance cannot provide.

Connie Ridgway  Healer   Washington, DC

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Connie Ridgway  Healer   DC  VA  MD