Connie Ridgway  Healer   DC  VA  MD

The capacity to heal resides deeply within us.  My goal is to encourage each person to take a creative healing journey–one that cultivates intuition, awakens self-discovery, and brings the mind, body, and spirit full circle.”

I am a Healer:  a Holistic Psychotherapist, Counselor and hands-on Energy Medicine Therapist in Northwest Washington DC near Tenleytown, and in Old Town Alexandria VA.

I assist you with healing anxiety, grief, illness, pain (physical and emotional) and trauma.  With licenses in both disciplines,  I have been on the forefront of alternative and complementary medicine for over 20 years.

My own story is how I got here — through cancer, chronic illness, sexual abuse, divorce, single parenting, 12 step recovery–to be available to you as you take your own journey in healing.

I use a holistic, energy medicine approach.

I enjoy working with clients who are spiritual, who seek personal growth, and who want help and healing with relationship, health and/or work issues.

For more information or to make an appointmentplease call 202-966-8230 or email

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a Licensed Massage Therapist in DC and VA.

I operate in several Ways with Clients:

**Wellness/Energy Medicine: through hands-on body therapy and energy medicine, you can let go of tension, become more aligned, and actually free the trapped energy in your body to move your life forward.  Go to the Page  “Energy Medicine and Bodywork Therapy”

**Counseling and Psychotherapythrough being fully present to you and your needs,  I help guide you, with active listening and experiential exercises,  to get in touch with your own inner wisdom and make the changes you need in your relationships, work and health.  Go to the page “Holistic Counseling”

I also provide a combination of bodywork and counseling.  Please contact me for more details.

Your interest is holistic and body-centered, meaning we explore links between thoughts, emotions, spiritual insight and somatic (body) responses. Somatic work is especially helpful to assist with healing anxiety, grief, illness and trauma.

It takes honesty and courage to find your answers inside, and the reward is a life you truly want.  It also takes support, to help you navigate the rougher and scarier places and come through stronger and more resilient.  I am an experienced psychotherapist and body therapist with the ability to help you tap into your inner wisdom to support you with life challenges, and get the answers you seek to make the changes you need.

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                                                    Connie Ridgway  Healer   DC  VA  MD